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LASSINC was founded by Jose and Laura Lomas in August of 1996 in Huntington Park, California. The founder, Jose Lomas, worked many years as a security officer and as a field supervisor before establishing LASSINC. Mr. Lomas became very unsatisfied with the way he was treated as an employee; he felt as if he was not valued or appreciated for his hard work and sense of responsibility. On many occasions, he was assigned to work up to more than 50 miles away from his home and had to rely on public transportation to responsibly cover his shifts and fulfill his duties; at times, he was asked to cover extra hours and extra shifts due to the lack of security guards available to work. Despite his efforts to be an outstanding employee and an example to his peers, time after time, Mr. Lomas found himself unappreciated and with several unpaid hours on his paycheck. One day he decided that he would compensate himself accordingly by being his own boss. It was then when Latin American Security Services (now LASSINC) was born.

LASSINC was founded with the philosophy that a satisfied security officer equals a satisfied client. That is, as a security officer’s overall level of satisfaction increases, his or her level of productivity and devotion also increases; as a result, the security officer fulfills his or her duties and responsibilities to the best of his or her abilities and to the satisfaction of the client’s needs. By default, this establishes a satisfied client. In addition, LASSINC believes its security officers should have initiative, tact, and, most importantly, integrity! When Mr. Lomas’ former co-workers became aware of the existence of LASSINC, many of them quickly became eager to form part of such company, and they did. Mr. Lomas and his former co-workers did not see each other as having an “employer-employee” relationship; they saw each other as friends or team members, collaborating together to achieve a common goal and to be adequately compensated. LASSINC’s first employees were Mr. Lomas’ former co-workers. Because many businesses were very satisfied with the performance of Mr. Lomas and his former co-workers, these businesses also became LASSINC’s first clients. As a result, LASSINC began operating successfully since the very first day!

Since 1996, LASSINC has grown tremendously, enough to provide work to dozens of security officers, and enough to continue to cover the security needs of its loyal clients. Nevertheless, LASSINC remains a dependable, reliable, trustworthy, loyal, and legitimate security service provider above all. LASSINC’s success has allowed it to expand beyond Los Angeles County. LASS, Inc. has provided services throughout the State of California, from the southern county of San Diego to the northern county of Yuba.

Today, Mr. Lomas is CEO and Founder of LASSINC, a successful business that continues to be a 100% family owned and family operated corporation. Such family values and culture are transmitted throughout LASSINC’s business environment. Each security officer is treated with the utmost respect and appreciation, and is cared for; work is provided to satisfy their needs and according to availability. Each client is treated as a valued customer and is given the attention and importance every client deserves. LASSINC strives to ensure that both the security officer and the client are well taken care of by meeting or exceeding their needs. Having a sufficiently small, highly educated, and extremely experienced administrative team that seeks self-improvement and that exhibits a sincere interest in its clients, is what defines the strengths and core competencies of LASSINC.

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